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There are many different career paths you can explore in this rapidly changing industry.  It is a vast industry with many specialisations.  Here are some links to information about ways to get started in the industry and ways to advance your career.

The Master Electricians Apprentice Connect site has some information about the industry in general and how to get started in the industry including resume and interview tips.  There is also a collection of short films from people working in the energy industry.

The Australian Government Department of Education Job Guide can also help you with apprenticeship information and researching job titles.

NECA – The National Electrical and Communications Association – can guide you on the different apprenticeship options in your State.

And of course the Australian Government Australian Apprenticeships has great resources and information for all types of apprenticeships.

If you are not straight out of school head over to the Mature Age Apprenticeships site.

Good luck on your future career!