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The simple answer is that a Safety Switch can save your or your family’s life.   Safety Switches are designed to prevent injury or death from electric shock.  A safety switch can detect an electrical leak indicating that a person is receiving a shock and switch the circuit off quicker than a heartbeat.  Simple handy work around the house or faulty appliances can cause deadly situations.  Please have a look at the following information and make sure you and your loved are protected.

The Queensland Government Electrical Safety website has information about the legal requirements in regard to having a safety switch installed.  If you are building, buying, selling or renting out a property make sure you know what your obligations are.  They also have a downloadable brochure.

Master Electricians Australia has a Safety Switch FAQ article here if you need further details.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to talk to someone about making sure your house has a safety switch properly installed.  Call us on 0418 741 499 or email