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With winter over it is time to start thinking about storm season.  Enever Electrical can help you deal with any damage to your electrical system caused by storms.  We have collected some information below for you to look over and keep in mind during the coming summer storms.  Keep safe!

Master Electricians Australia has the following article 7 Tips for Summer Storm Safety.   This article talks about what you should do before a storm and how to deal with any issues that may be caused by a storm.

Origin Energy has some helpful tips on how to prepare for summer storms and also safety videos including ‘How to keep your house ‘storm proof’‘.

The Queensland Government Electrical Safety site contains detailed information on how to deal with storms and floods including information on solar systems and generators.

Detailed and very useful information can be found on the Queensland Government Emergency website for all sorts of emergency situations and specifically for severe storms.  This site contains information on how to prepare for a storm, what to do during a storm and what you can do after a storm.

If in doubt about any damage to your electrical system please feel free to contact Enever Electrical on 0418 741 499.